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I hope you've been enjoying our Christmas wish list series! It's been so much fun to seeing what other people would like. Franky shared her list yesterday and now it's my turn!

I should say that this is by no means an exhaustive wish list (Father Christmas, why is it that I want 'all' of the things?!?). However, if one or even two of the items identified in the image below are waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning, I may well faint and go to heaven...

1. Skirt from the new Ready to Wear Collection by Charlie Brear - Oh hello! One of my favourite bridal wear designers is launching a ready-to-wear collection next year. EXTEME EXCITEMENT. I really adore this skirt - it's so incredibly elegant and would be kept for best. *cough* I'd actually like it all *cough*

2. 3-D Toile Full Apron by Anthropologie - I've been really getting in to my baking since The Great British Bake-off but I've been wearing a rather old, and pretty badly stained apron. I think my pinny could do with a refresh and this one is perfect.

3. Cosy winter slippers by BureBureSlippers on Etsy - I've been blathering on about a decent and pretty pair of slippers for what seems like weeks now. Dear Father Christmas, these would be just perfect.

4. Vintage cake stand from Curiosity Vintage on Etsy - Given my recent and surprisingly somewhat successful foray in to baking, I've realised we're lacking anything by way of pretty cake stands. I love 70's milk glass and so this pretty white stand would be perfect - and encourage me to bake more I'm sure!

5. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel - one of my favourite scents ever, sexy by day or night. Love it.

6. Arum Crochet bedding in white linen by ouvragepourdame on Etsy - I love crisp white bed linen and a looking to update ours with something patterned. I came across this divine set of 1960s vintage bedding on Etsy at the weekend and am in love. Not so much with the price tag however. I'd better start saving!

7. Neals Yard Rose Body Cream - I've always loved roses (my husband is obsessed with them and grows many beautiful ones in our garden) but becomes a little obsessed with rose oil this year having been gifted some by a friend. The perfect accompaniment to my rose addiction would be this organic body cream by Neals Yards. I adore their products.

8. Moma ankle boots via Zalando - I've been searching for the perfect black, lace-up ankle boots for what seems like weeks and happened to stumble on these beauties last week. A black lace ankle boot is key item in my wardrobe and I just love that these boots have a hint of Edwardian aesthetic in their design.

9. Emerald Green Earrings from Vintage Styler - I adore these elegant emerald green vintage inspired earrings from Vintage Styler - perfect for a do or just for wearing at home for the heck of it.

10. Templetree Body Wash by Molton Brown - It was on my Christmas list last year and indeed it will be on every year. I adore this luxurious scent - my fave Molton Brown product by miles.

11. Printed silk-georgette and crepe de chine dress by Druro Olowu on Net A Porter - Certainly not a throw-away-buy with the price-tag, but I do love my frocks and this is such an interesting design - you could wear it every day or accessorise it for the evening. Plus it would work with a knitted cardigan, leather or tailored jacket.

12. Carrie red leopard print clutch bag from Oasis - festive colour clutch to accompany me on an evening out with my husband. And it's called Carrie which makes it even better.

Spotted anything you fancy?

Much love,


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