Getting it all in to perspective...

Getting it all in to perspective...


I did have another post lined up for this afternoon, but then all hell broke lose in Beeforth towers last night - involving my 8 year old daughter projectile vomiting from her top bunk then being sick for the next 4 hours, a meningitis scare with my 3 year old, a near hospital visit and my husband falling ill around midnight with some kind of gastric thing (I promise you, I've not been cooking). I've had about 2 hours of interrupted sleep and my eyes are stinging a little!

Still, cards must be written, presents must be posted and plans must be made to ensure everything on the to-do list indeed gets done before 25th.

I meant to get it all done today, to be super-organised and on top of my tasks.  This was to be the day I gave my last big push before the holidays, so that I could formally put the out of office on at 5pm and look forward to relaxing over Christmas.  As it is, I've struggled to get anything done today at all.

I suppose I could sit here feeling sorry for myself - the best laid plans, huh! But I'm not going to. My family might be reeling from an evening spent doing their best to fill a large bucket full of sick, I might be worn out to a frazzle after a sleepless night, followed by one mammoth clean up session on my hands and knees with dettol, but, what does any of this really matter?

I found a quick few moments earlier to sink in to a chair with a lovely cup of Yorkshire tea, mini ginger bread man (thank you Cutture and Peggy Porschen!) and briefly catch up on some of my favourite blogs.  As I did, I stumbled on this lovely post over on Florence Finds and it immediately put my crazy, disorganised, not-going-to-achieve-very-much day in to perspective.  Because, despite the occasional event that seems hell-bent on disrupting any plans you might have, despite the rotten VAT bill I've had to settle today and the fact it's freezing and raining outside and that I've still got work to do before I can switch off for Christmas - none of this matters one iota.  On the contrary, I have so very much to be grateful and thankful for.  I have my health, I have my lovely home, my business, my cosy bed and a roof over my head.  I have the opportunity to put a healthy meal on the table, watch a movie later on if I want to, take a lovely long bath with candles or read a book.  I have my two lovely dogs and the opportunity to connect with nature and our beautiful outdoors when I walk them, and above all else, I have my precious beautiful little family - those people in my life I do everything for, that give my life purpose an who fill it with joy - my husband and our beautiful little girls. 

For a second earlier, I could feel the frustration rising and stress threatening to get the better of me as I resigned to the fact I was going to get bugger all done.  I was about to sink in to a major pool of self-pity.  Then I remembered how much it doesn't matter, and how very lucky and privileged I am, and that instead of huffing and puffing, I really ought just take a refreshing intake of breath of put it it all in to perspective.

From Love My Dress on Instagram

So if you don't mind lovely readers, there will be no post this afternoon, though there will be something to inspire you tomorrow on Love My Dress.  We'll be having a quiet Monday and Tuesday next week too, before formally stopping blogging for a proper rest with those we love over Christmas, until Monday 6th January.

What are you up to? Have you done all you last minute shopping or are you putting it all aside to have your own little opportunity to smile and appreciate everything you have?  Whatever you're up to today, and especially if you're having a bit of a stressy one, I hope that you'll be able to keep things in perspective and remind yourself what you have to be grateful for too.

And thank you for spreading the love Florence Finds.



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